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The Black Prince is a 16th century pub situated opposite to the grounds of Blenheim Palace and on the bank of the river Glyme. It boasts a delightful riverside garden for you to enjoy the summer sunshine overlooking the calming river. Inside the pub there are two roaring log fires, stones walls and a traditional suit of armour.

We are well known in area for our excellent quality and variation with our real ales and regularly appear in beer publications such as ‘The Good Beer Guide’ and ‘Beer On Tap’.

We are well known for our treatment of all our dog visitors, and take pride on being Woodstock’s best dog friendly venue. Well behaved dogs might even get treated to a biscuit or two from our dog loving staff!

We frequently cater for large groups of walkers looking to relax after enjoying one of the many countryside strolls available in the area, including the stunning scenery on view as you walk around the lake of Blenheim Palace

Aunt Sally

Aunt Sally is a traditional English game usually played in pub gardens and fairgrounds, in which players throw sticks or battens at a model of an old woman's head. Leagues of pub teams still play the game today, throughout the spring and summer months, mainly in Oxfordshire and some bordering counties.


The game dates back to the 17th century, although the name "Aunt Sally" may have been a later addition. It was traditionally played in central English pubs and fairgrounds. An Aunt Sally was originally the modelled head of an old woman with a clay pipe in her mouth; the object was for players to throw sticks at the head in order to break the pipe. The target has also been a puppet, live person, or a simple ball on a stick.


The game bears some resemblance to a coconut shy or skittles, but with teams. Each team consists of eight players.


The ball is on a short plinth about 100 to 150 mm high x 75mm diameter, known as the "dolly", which is placed on a dog-legged metal spike about 750mm to 1000mm high. Players throw sticks or short battens (450 x 50mm) at the dolly, trying to knock it off without hitting the spike. Successfully hitting the dolly off is known as a "doll"; however if the spike is hit first, then the score does not count and is called an "iron"

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